4 Reasons to Choose Folding Arm Awnings

Want to get the most out of your exterior spaces at home this summer? Whether you’re one for entertaining family and friends or just relaxing at home, the right sun and rain solution enables you to maximise your outdoor space usage and get more out of the great weather we’re blessed with here in Australia. Retractable folding arm awnings are very popular in Sydney, and as they’re such an easily adaptable outdoor space that incorporates both functionality and style into any exterior area, it’s easy to see why.

As leading suppliers of premium retractable awnings and pergolas, Aspect Shade offers a wide range of retractable awnings for Sydney homes and provides specialist advice to ensure you get the right awnings for your home and lifestyle. Here we look at 4 reasons to choose retractable folding arm awnings.

1.They Deliver Smart And Stylish Aesthetics

Retractable folding arm awnings are available in an extensive fabric colours selection to match the style and colour schemes of all modern and traditional-style homes. Folding arm awnings are available in three styles (full cassette, semi cassette and standard) to provide greater design choice and appealing solutions for concealing and protecting the fabric roller.

Our retractable folding arm awnings combine sleek aluminium frames with quality awning fabrics to provide a practical and stylish way to maximise your outdoor space year-round.

2.Folding Arm Awnings Are Retractable

Unlike fixed arm awnings, retractable folding arm awnings provide a versatile shade solution that can be effortlessly adjusted to meet the weather conditions at any time of the day. When the heat of the direct sun or the rain becomes an issue, simply extend them out and take cover under the shade, and when the weather is great, just retract them to reclaim your unobstructed view!

3.They’re Strong, Durable And Long-Lasting

Premium awnings, like our Kompact Cassette Folding Arm Awning, are strong, durable and built to last, making them a great investment in your outdoor spaces at home.

Along with quality materials and fabrics, including forged aluminium and extruded high-strength aluminium alloy, the integral fabric cover shell sits neatly against the wall to deliver a visually appealing and minimalist look. This offers an elegant solution that conceals the fabric roller from view and protects it from the elements. Smart designs combined with quality materials deliver a retractable folding arm awning range that’s built to last.

4.They Can Be Automated

Automation is a popular feature with retractable pergolas and awnings among home and business owners. In addition to the convenience automation provides that makes life at home so much simpler and easier, automating your retractable folding arm awning protects it and maximises your investment.

You can fit your retractable folding arm awning with rain and sun sensors so it adjusts to the immediate weather conditions while wind/motion sensors detect strong winds and automatically retract the awning to protect it in case of a potentially damaging weather event.

Like to find out more? Contact Aspect Shade online or call the team on 02 9199 8970 to learn more about our retractable folding arm awnings and installation services.

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