Five Benefits of Installing a Retractable Pergola to Your Home

If you value your time outdoors and get more from life at home relaxing in your alfresco spaces, installing a retractable pergola, for example, a louvred pergola or a retractable roof system, offers a wealth of advantages and benefits. And not only lifestyle benefits either. As many homeowners know well, installing a retractable pergola at home enhances the time you spend there, along with the appearance and aesthetics of your home and its value.

1.Retractable Pergolas Enhance Your Time At Home

By protecting against the elements, a retractable roof provides a comfortable alfresco space that can be used for relaxing and entertaining all year-round. Whether you’re extending your living space with an automatic pergola that covers the patio or simple pergola over the balcony on your apartment, retractable pergolas create an attractive and functional space that you can use throughout the seasons.

2.They Protect Your Furniture, Decor And Skin

Along with making your alfresco space more comfortable year-round, opening roof systems with pergola helps to protect your furniture, decor and your skin. The sun’s ultraviolet rays can damage outdoor furniture (and indoor furniture if placed near doors and lead onto outdoor spaces), not to mention damage your skin and make sitting outside uncomfortable. Installing retractable awnings on your Sydney home enables you to use your alfresco space in comfort, and without worrying about harmful UV rays that can damage and age your skin.

3.They’re Environmentally-Friendly

Installing the right retractable pergola at home helps to lower your energy bills in several ways. For example, retractable pergolas minimise the need for air conditioning by providing shade that keeps interior spaces cooler in summer, and create an appealing outdoor space with fresh breezes that’s an alluring alternative to sitting indoors on a beautiful day.

What’s more, automatic and electric pergolas use minimal energy and can be powered by small solar panel systems. If you’re looking for an energy-efficient shade solution that can slash your energy bills, a retractable pergola could be the ideal solution for your home.

4.They Enhance The Aesthetics Of Your Home

Another notable benefit that’s made retractable pergolas so popular among homeowners is the aesthetic appeal and curb appeal they deliver. A retractable pergola system that blends in seamlessly with the existing architectural structure provides a smart look that enhances the overall aesthetics of the property. Put simply, the right retractable pergola can add serious aesthetics to your home.

5.They Add Value To Your Property

As the right retractable pergola adds functionality, energy-saving benefits and aesthetic appeal, it also has the benefit of adding monetary value to your home. Moreover, it makes your home more appealing to tenants and homebuyers should you ever decide to rent or sell in the future. Installing an opening roof system is an investment that adds real value to homes, making a quality retractable pergola system a smart choice.

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