How a Retractable Pergola Improves Your Business

Are you looking to enhance the alfresco areas of your business and maximise your business bottom line? A retractable pergola could be just the solution you’ve been looking for!

As leading suppliers of retractable louvre roof systems, retractable pergola systems and retractable awnings in Sydney, Aspect Shade has helped countless cafe, bar, restaurant and hospitality business owners implement shade solutions that improve the way they do business. Here we look at how a retractable pergola can improve your business operations and revenue.

Provide Protection From The Elements

One of the most notable (and obvious) benefits to retractable pergola and awnings for Sydney businesses is protecting against the elements. From the sweltering heat of summer to those cold and drizzling winter days, retractable pergola systems deliver protection from the sun, rain and wind. But how does that help to improve your business? By making your establishment and its outdoor seating areas more appealing to potential customers.

With your alfresco dining areas protected under a retractable louvre roof system, customers will feel more comfortable sitting outdoors. And as most people prefer to dine outside than in whenever possible, this gives your establishment an advantage over your competitors.

Enhance The Customer Experience

Comfortable and aesthetically appealing alfresco dining spaces under retractable pergola roofs also make your establishment more alluring to potential clientele by enhancing the customer experience. Many aspects of dining combine to deliver the experience that diners have when eating out, including the food and drinks, the service and the surroundings.

By providing your guests with an attractive year-round outdoor space, you’re enhancing the experiences they enjoy at your establishment. That’s not only important for repeat business among local customers, but also favourable word-of-mouth recommendations.

Maximise Branding Opportunities

A well-designed pergola that accentuates and seamlessly blends in with the existing architecture helps to catch the eye of passersby, getting your establishment noticed more often. That brings in more foot traffic and also presents excellent branding opportunities, like showcasing your logo and brand colours. An attractive, architecturally designed commercial pergola can help your business stand out from your local competitors, making it a smart investment that delivers many additional benefits.

Lower Your Energy Bills

An often overlooked benefit of commercial pergolas for hospitality establishments is their energy-saving benefits. Depending on the direction the building faces, a retractable pergola can help to cool both the exterior space it covers and the interior space by providing shade.

Maximise Business Revenue

All of these benefits, from creating a year-round alfresco space to enhancing the customer experience, encouraging repeat visitors, getting more word-of-mouth referrals, maximising branding opportunities and lowering energy bills, help to maximise business revenue. Looking to increase your business bottom line and get better returns on investment from your hospitality business? A retractable commercial pergola could be the ideal solution.

When you’re ready to speak with a local shade solutions specialist and learn more about our retractable pergolas and how they can improve your business bottom line, contact Aspect Shade online, call us 02 9199 8970, or email us at today.

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