How Do Folding Arm Awnings Work?

Folding arm awnings are a flexible and versatile shade solution suitable for most homes and businesses. Using a retractable, cantilevered system, these popular awnings offer excellent ease-of-use, whether manually operated or motorised and remote controlled, and are complemented by a wide range of fabrics and colours to suit all external applications.

Available in an extensive range of styles so all home and business owners can access a shade solution that meets their style, design and functionality requirements, folding arm awnings by Aspect Shade are elegant shade solutions coupled with excellent technical features that offer the ability to provide both internal and external shade for your home. Here we look at the benefits, how they work, the different varieties and important considerations.

What Are The Benefits?

The benefits of folding arm awnings are extensive and these popular awnings have plenty to offer home and business owners, including:

● Easy maintenance
● Available in a wide range of fabrics
● Completely customisable to your needs
● Great for increasing functional outdoor space.

Folding arm awnings are available in three main styles — full cassette, semi cassette and standard folding arm awnings:

Full cassette folding arm awnings provide an elegant awning solution fully enclosed by the headbox and bottom bar that sits neatly against the wall when retracted.
Semi cassette folding arm awnings feature a 3/4 cassette housing which contains the fabric and awning when retracted.
● Standard folding arm awnings don’t feature a headbox, which leaves the awning and fabric exposed to the elements.

At Aspect Shade in Sydney, we offer a wide range of high-quality full and semi cassette folding arm awnings which can be customised to your design, style and size requirements.

How Do They Work?

Manual and automatic folding arm awnings work in a similar way. The joints of the awning move like a human arm by extending and contracting, with the operation guided by a chain, which connects the arms together. This provides a simple extension and retraction motion that enables the extension of the awning to cover the area and the retraction to pull the awning back and allow the sun to illuminate the space. The simple operation means these blinds require minimal ongoing maintenance and provide outstanding durability.

Important Considerations

When exploring your exterior shade solutions options, it’s vital to factor in considerations like wind direction, local climate and the direction your home faces, as this may make certain products more suitable than others. For example, a folding arm awning is highly effective on the northern aspect of homes where the sun faces, but not so much the southern side

What’s more, you may find folding arm awnings aren’t the best choice for your needs at all and that another solution, like a retractable louvre roof system may be more ideal. This is why it’s important to choose professional solutions over DIY products as you not only get a peace-of-mind installation but also expert advice from local specialists, like Aspect Shade.

To find out more about our folding arm awnings and other shade and weather solutions, including sunscreens and retractable pergolas, contact Aspect Shade online, call us on 02 9199 8970 or email the team at

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