How Weather Sensors Work on Retractable Pergolas

Did you know that weather sensors not only make life at home simpler and easier, but also protect your investment in a high-quality retractable pergola or awning? Enhancing the functionality of an automated or electric louvred pergola is easily achievable with the wide range of weather sensors and control panels on the market that deliver great benefits like:

● Your pergola roof opens and closes automatically depending on the weather.
● You no longer have to rush home to close the roof when it starts to rain.
● Your outdoor furniture (and everything else) is secure and protected.
● Increased comfort, including maximising passive cooling.
● Enhanced protection for awnings in extreme weather.

Upgrading your pergola with high-tech weather sensors (or having sensors installed with your new retractable pergola or retractable louvre roof system) provides benefits like these and many more, including adding real value to your home. This is an important benefit that all homeowners should understand, as the right automatic louvred pergola not only adds style, aesthetic appeal and functionality to your home but can also enhance its monetary value.

How Do Weather Sensors Work?

There are many weather sensor systems on the market, with most operating in a similar way. Essentially, the weather sensor is connected to the motor powering the electric pergola, and when an automated response to the weather is triggered, for example, it starts to rain or the sun comes out, it sends a signal to the motor which then opens or closes the pergola.

Most weather sensors respond to exterior weather conditions, such as the sun, rain and wind/motion, while more advanced models offer additional responses to interior conditions, like temperature and light. Your individual requirements and the motor which powers the automated pergola will determine which wall-mounted control panel and weather sensors are suitable. However, be sure to also consider important factors and options such as:

Solar or battery-powered — Some weather sensors are available in solar or battery-powered models, with solar-powered models ideal for Sydney homeowners and our local weather and climate.
Combination sensors — Some sensors respond to single weather events while others offer combined sun, rain and wind/motion responses.

There are often customisation options available and depending on your retractable pergola and motor, it may be possible to combine several weather sensors in the control panel.

A popular feature that many homeowners opt for with retractable pergolas and awnings in Sydney is adjustable wind speed and sun brightness sensitivity. This helpful feature enables you to fine-tune the weather sensor to meet your precise requirements and enjoy a comfortable outdoor space all year-round, regardless of what the weather is up to!

Would you like to learn more about high-tech weather sensors and how they can enhance the functionality of your retractable pergola or awning? The Aspect Shade team welcomes all enquiries about the customisation options available with our residential and commercial pergola and awning products. When you’re ready to speak with a team member or arrange a quote, contact the Aspect Shade team online, email us at or give us a call on 02 9199 8970 today.

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