Innovative Pergola Cover Ideas for Your Business

Are you looking for innovative ways to enhance the look and feel of your outdoor dining spaces by covering your pergola? Pergolas are highly versatile and there are many ways that you can customise your pergola to create a more alluring exterior space for your clients.

Grow Plants For A Natural Look

If you’re going to grow plants, you’ll need to choose plants that not only wrap around the sides and over the top of the structure but are also easy to train and vigorous growers. Vines and creepers that require minimal maintenance to keep looking healthy are great choices.

Fabric Sails For Shade

Need a shade solution for summer? If you don’t have a retractable pergola that you can effortlessly cover when the sun gets too strong or the rain makes an appearance, fabric sails are a popular option. The downside to this shade solution is that while it’s great for the sun, it doesn’t protect against the rain and wind.

Drop cloths (like the ones that painters use) are another popular option that many cafes and restaurants use to cover an exterior area and provide shade seating for their clientele. However, like shade cloths they don’t work well in windy or wet weather! Yet another reason why automated pergolas are such an outstanding investment for hospitality businesses.

Get Natural With Straw Or Bamboo

A popular alternative to covering traditional pergolas with living plants is covering the roof with straw or bamboo. This can be time-consuming and hard work as you need to tie it down with strong string to prevent it getting blown about by the wind but it delivers great aesthetics. If you have access to hay bales, these are great for blocking the wind around the sides of an open pergola, especially in winter to create a cosy space for guests.

Can I Cover My Retractable Pergola?

As retractable pergolas like opening roof systems and automatic outdoor shades have a cover with moving parts and you don’t want an additional cover to get caught and damage the parts, it’s advisable to not place an extra cover on your retractable pergola. However, you can still enhance its visual appeal with garden features, vines that climb up the structure and other features. What’s more, you can enhance your retractable pergola in other ways to create a more enticing year-round alfresco space, including sunscreens like wire guide and drop systems, and stylish zip systems.

If you haven’t yet installed a pergola with a retractable louvre roof, these pergolas offer many advantages and benefits over traditional pergolas, which need a cover to block the sun. These include excellent light and shade control, the option of weather sensors that detect changes in the weather (and open and close accordingly), adding value to your establishment, and integrated gutter systems that divert water away from the space.

To speak with a local retractable pergola specialist about your pergola and how we can help you maximise the visual appeal and functionality of your outdoor space, contact Aspect Shade online, give the team a call 02 9199 8970 or send an to

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