Keep Customers Comfortable With a Retractable Pergola

Like retractable folding arm awnings which have long been a common sight at cafes, pubs and restaurants, retractable pergolas are fast-proving a stylish, innovative and effective way to keep customers in hospitality establishments comfortable.

Retractable pergolas are now available in a wide range of designs, including site-specific, custom-designed models , which are ideal for larger establishments, but why are they such a great investment for hospitality businesses? The benefits that commercial pergolas offer for are profuse, and in relation to keeping your customers comfortable, include the following.

Protecting Against The Sun’s Harmful Rays

The Australian sun is strong and while it delivers a high number of beautiful sunny days every year, most Australians are aware of just how damaging it can be to our skin. Expanding your usable outdoor space in summer with a retractable louvered pergola provides guests with a comfortable exterior space free of the sun’s harmful UV rays.

What’s more, a flexible exterior space with the ability to provide shade on a hot summer’s day can be quite a drawcard for local diners. Many people actively seek out local hospitality establishments with cool and comfortable outdoor spaces where they can relax out of the heat.

Providing Shelter From The Rain

If you’ve ever experienced a slowdown in trade due to wet and rainy weather, you’ll know only too well how unfriendly weather can negatively affect the customer experience and deter them from dining out. However, when you have the ability to protect your customers from the rain and wind, keeping them dry and comfortable under a weatherproof shelter, you’re able to provide a peace-of-mind dining experience all year-round. Moreover, you’re also enabling them to spend more time and, therefore, money at your establishment.

Creating A Cosy Winter Space

Most of the conversation around the numerous benefits of commercial pergolas for hospitality businesses revolves around creating a comfortable space for customers by protecting against the sun, rain and wind. However, it’s also important to note that installing a commercial pergola also enables you to provide a warm and cosy winter space. By combining a pergola structure with drop awnings, you can shelter your guests from the cold wind on those freezing winter evenings, maximising your outdoor space all-year round.

What Does This Mean For Your Business?

The benefits that retractable pergolas like retractable louvre roofs deliver maximise revenue and increase profits for hospitality business owners. Whether you run a large restaurant or a small cafe, the right retractable pergola directly impacts your business bottom line by improving your establishment’s visual appeal and increasing your outdoor seating space, resulting in increased customer capacity, even when the weather isn’t at its best.

As leading suppliers of retractable pergolas and retractable awnings in Sydney, the Aspect Shade team looks forward to showing you through our range and helping you choose the best retractable pergola solution for your business. These include commercial pergolas and louvred pergola open roof systems, which are great for restaurant balconies. Please contact Aspect Shade online, send an email to or call us on 02 9199 8970.

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