Halo Retractable Pergola

Custom Retractable Pergola Installation in Sydney

The HALO curved retractable pergola system is the perfect blend of style and practicality. Not only is this modern outdoor covering system sturdy with a wind rating of up to Beaufort class 11 (up to 117km/h), but it’s also built with high grade 6063 extruded aluminium profiles made with a thermosetting coating, which makes it one of the sturdiest models on the market.

Retractable Pergola Rafter Profiles

The HALO curved rafter profiles (80mm x 125mm), (80mm x 155mm) have been designed with the signature water guard channels on each side of the pergola so that water drains outwards and not inwards, while the cast aluminium end plates allow for projections up to 8m per system. With this, you can also link multiple systems to expand your pergolas reach.

Halo Retractable Pergola

Remote Control Capabilities

Our remote-controlled motor built in Europe helps power the system, providing smooth and quick operation at 34 RPM of the pergola. The item can also be designed with a high-powered LED-TEC lighting system, allowing for plenty of visibility and a touch of ambience when partnered with our dimming technology.

Features of HALO Retractable Pergola

The Halo Retractable pergola functions thanks to the OZTECH F3 motor, met on each side by 8 wheeled carriages. This system is designed in such a way that not only does it run smoothly and swiftly but it can also withstand the full weight of the extension (600kg), also incorporating a triple layer barrier system. 

This works in conjunction with a timing belt that has been reinforced with multiple internal stainless-steel cables to provide a pulling strength of over 966kg. This tension is applied to the fabric covering used in the pergola which comes in a variety of attractive styles and colours while also being fully functional in keeping the elements at bay.

Not only are our retractable pergolas stable, waterproof and dirt resistant, but the tension applied to the fabric membrane via the frame allows for an angle of 6 degrees fall. Couple this with the internal gutter system and other OZTECH detailing such as the ever crucial Stormguard technology and your pergola will be an investment that will not only help to keep the weather at bay but will also last you for years to come. 

Our Range of Retractable Pergolas

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