Harbour Retractable Pergola

Custom Retractable Pergola Installation in Sydney

The Harbour curved free standing retractable pergola system is one of our most popular pergola systems. Not only is it highly versatile but it’s also our most attractive pergola yet.  This system offers a wind rating up to Beaufort class 11 (up to 117km/h) and is designed for all weather conditions. 

All materials utilized are state of the art, including high-end stainless-steel bolts and screws as well high-grade powder coated aluminum profiles. This ensures that the systems are made of the best materials to help it face all weather challenges and ensure its extended system life.

Open Harbour Retractable Pergola

Retractable Pergola Rafter Profiles

With unique profiles designed at 80mm x 125mm, the pergola offers water guard side channels that help avoid draining inside of the rafter and allows it to flow outward, ensuring your pergola maintains its integrity without water ingress. Widths can be customised according to site requirements and are available in any size up to 13m.

Remote Control Capabilities

Offering full remote capabilities, the Harbor pergola is facilitated by a custom motor built to ensure smooth operation at 34 RPM, while an optional high-powered LED-TEC lighting system can be integrated into the pergola as a practical lighting solution. There is also a dimmer allowing for the opportunity to create ambience for you and your guests to enjoy.

Features of Harbour Retractable Pergola.

The mechanics behind our retractable pergolas are an OZTECH F3 slider with 8 wheel carriages, ensuring smooth jam free operation every time. It also has a pulling strength of 966kg via internal cables, while it also creates a tension that is applied to the fabric membrane to ensure all water drains away in the dual internal gutter systems.

Not only is this European manufactured pergola fabric fire rated and 100% waterproof but it also comes in a variety of colours and designs. These materials not only look great and work effectively but are also heat and dirt resistant, making sure your investment pergola lasts longer. When not in use the fabric is neatly retracted under the system’s hood to provide maximum protection.

Each pergola is also fitted with Stormguard tech that uses soft touch edge seals on all parameters. Exclusive to our OZTECH systems, Stormguard provides the ultimate protection against rain and draught intrusion around the outside of the system.

Our Range of Retractable Pergolas

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