Genius Drop Awning Sunscreen

Stylish, multifunctional, the answer to all Drop Awning requirements

With a simple design in a slimline head box the Genius is a system that is able to be used as a Basic Straight Drop Awning, to a Wire Guided Awning, or upgrade to the increasingly popular Chanel Guided Awning.

The Genius can be installed as a Face Fix, or an internal fix between structures. Its maximum Width is an outstanding 5800mm with a drop of up to 3000mm, when using a Sunscreen Material.

For Clear PVC, or a canvas we only recommend a 3500mm x 2400 as a maximum size.

Simple locking pins also give you the freedom to stop your awning at various points.

With the option to manually control


Profiles are all High grade Aluminum
Head Box Size 100×100 or 125×125
Side Channel Size 60×32
Wall and ceiling mount brackets are available
Plastic caps are UV stabilized
Marine grade stainless steel

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